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Meet Regina aka "Da Queen of Invitations"

I am Regina Womble-Miller, Owner and Executive Designer for U R Invited. Why "Da Queen of Invitations?" "Regina" in Latin, Romanian, Italian and Hebrew is the feminine name that means "queen." Wedding stationery is my passion. Combine my name and my love for stationery and you get "Da Queen of Invitations."
I am a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a BS in Business Administration. I also earned an AS in Desktop Publishing from Randolph Community College. After completing my Desktop Publishing degree, I began designing stationery items for small business owners and churches. As friends, family and co-workers began to get married, they all began to come to me for wedding invitations and accessories. I quickly developed a true love and passion for designing all things wedding related.

I have always had a desire to own my own business. In 1999, I gave birth to U R Invited Custom Stationery. Allow me to be a part of your journey to the altar!

Photo credit: Cassandra Caudle Photography

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